The Mini Controller lets you remotely control lights and appliances from anywhere in your home. You can turn off your child's night light or the television downstairs without getting out of bed at night. Your Mini Controller can turn on all connected lights and appliances up to 8 different modules (addresses) with the push of a button. And, you can turn off everything in the system with one button to conserve energy. You also can dim and brighten lights with your Mini Controller

Temperature control up to 4 thermostats TS10 (optional) * 7 days timer with 14 timer points e.g. create a lived in look while you are away * Dial-in (from anywhere in the world) for Alarm, Home Automation and Temperature status and setting * Listen-in functionality and Events Log * Rechargeable batteries for base console (included)!

You now have the power to control your whole home from your computer! With Active Home Pro and your Modules you can create schedules for your lights and appliances, set up groups of commands for your daily life, and keep lights and appliances off when they’re not in use. Use Active Home Pro to make your home more comfortable, and more secure.