-LCD touch screen for all room such as kitchen , hall , bedrooms ,saloon,… -Door phone system can answer from any panel - Pin hole Security camera designed in panel with Digital video recorder that records video in a digital format to a hard disk drive ,USB flash drive can see from panel , internet , LAN ,…. -Digital video broadcast receiver play TVchannel ,radio channel -KNX& RS458 have two protocol communication safed


Because your personality and tastes should be reflected into your home.
Always seeking for elegant aesthetics to be integrated with the rest of your home environment, is the requirement for any device that aspires to have a key role in your home decoration. Design is the key to functionality; that´s the prime value in which designs its products, offering the widest range of possibilities with a contemporary image to make your smart home control system even more attractive.

Because your home should be your rest and relax refuge.
Simply adapt the performance of your home in a simple and intuitive way . AEG reaches an extra comfort value with its range of products fully orientated to provide control over your home and its appliances . Through just one interface (TV, touch screens, PC, internet, remote controls, etc.) we will enable you, manually or automatically, to interoperate with all the appliances in your home; to lower all the blinds at one time, turn the lighting ON and OFF depending on your presence, sunlight levels, irrigation timetable, etc. Just let us think for you.

Because communication with your home is our bet for present and future.
In real time communication with you, your house will be the one to alert you about any incident (flood, gas leak, burglary, etc.) automatically initiating the appropriate actions to minimize the problem (water or gas cutoff supply, trigger the alarm, etc.) and allowing you to enjoy this feeling of extra peace of mind, knowing that your house is protected 24 hours without interrupting your pace of life.

energy efficiency
Because energy is a limited resource we have to optimize and use responsibly.
Home automation has a special meaning when we talk about energy saving and it adds an exhaustive control of the energy needed to maintain a comfortable environment without high expense. AEG devices have smart control over climate, lighting, etc., allowing you to reach the highest comfort standards with a minimum impact over the environment.

  • Lights
  • Security System
  • Home Theatre
  • Entertainment systems
  • Thermostat
  • Air conditioning
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Internet and Cable TV